Chief's Advisory Board

The Chief's Advisory Board was established in 2009 under the direction of the Chief of Police. The board was created to act as a community resource for the Chief in the formation of strategies, development of community policing concepts and increasing public awareness. The Chief's Advisory Board is not a review board of any police action, whether internal or external, but a forum for discussions concerning community concerns. The Board is driven by the imagination of its members and is intended to be a reflection of the community's viewpoints.

The rotating membership of the board is comprised of prominent citizens from throughout the community who represent a range of interests and experience. Members are from diverse backgrounds, including business, education, non-profits, public relations, faith community, political arena and more.

The role of the Board Members shall include (but not be limited to):

  • Act as a sounding board for the Chief of Police regarding community needs and concerns, as well as community response to proposed police programs and priorities.

  • Apprise the Chief of Police directly of the community‚Äôs need for police services.

  • Assist in educating the community at large about the function and role of the Shepherdsville Police Department.

  • Attend monthly meetings that are held on the fourth Monday of each month, at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council room at the Shepherdsville Government Center.

  • Be a City of Shepherdsville resident or business owner.

Member Selection

Members are selected by the Chief or Chairperson. Members are chosen to serve on the advisory board for their professionalism, integrity and commitment to their community. The Chief's Advisory Board will be lead by the Chief or the Chairperson.

Adult members serve a renewable one-year term, and student members serve a maximum one-year term. All members serve at the discretion of the Chief of Police or Chairperson.

Members may be removed for cause prior to the end of their term by a majority vote of the advisory board. In addition, members who, without being excused by a majority of the remaining board members, fail to attend three consecutive regular meetings may be considered to have vacated their position and may be replaced.

For additional information about the Chief's Advisory Board or for an application, please call Carmen Nace or Jenna Mahaffey at (502) 921-1000 or email or