(Regional Victim Services Program Crisis Line 1-800-656-HOPE) (4673)


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS A CRIME. Anyone can be a victim. You have a right to be safe from abuse, harassment, and threats. Help is available for you and your family. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL FOR HELP. These are your rights:

  • See that you and your children are safe.
  • You can call the nearest Spouse Abuse Center for confidential information and safe shelter.
  • Call the police for protection. Under certain circumstances, the abuser may be arrested without a warrant.
  • Get medical attention, copies of your records and photos of your injuries.
  • If you are sexually assaulted: contact the nearest Spouse Abuse Center or Rape Crisis Center for confidential information and counselinig. Go to a hospital for treatment. Do not bathe or change clothes. A rape examination and other related tests should be conducted within 72 hours following the assault. A rape examination is necessary for your own protection or should you need the findings for any legal action at a later date.
  • You can file a criminal complaint with the local prosecutor and /or a petition for a Domestic Violence Protective Order through District Court (no fees or attorney). Your location may remain confidential. The abuser may be arrested for Violation of a Protective Order (EPO, DVO) or for violating conditions of release after arrest.
  • Contact your LOCAL Department of Social Services to assist you and your family in obtaining protective and support services.
  • Contact your regional Community Health Center for other counseling services.